My name’s Ray, and I’m here to help.

Do you want to be an extraordinary leader? You're ready for the journey, but you're worried that you might get lost. Don't worry I'm here to help. Everyone needs support when the journey gets difficult, and a mentor when questions need answering. I am ready, are you? Let's start the journey and experience the incredible goals we will accomplish.

I Have Helped Others


Robert Rodriguez Jr., Owner at Robert Rodriguez Jr Photography LLC.

"Ramon has been one of my mentors and trusted advisors over the past few years and instrumental in the success of my photography workshops business. His willingness to listen and understand both my challenges and goals is a rare skill that makes Ramon special. His ability to provide sound marketing and leadership advice is great, and I have no hesitation recommending Ramon and his company to anyone looking for personal; and business strategies that make a difference."

Havi Goffan, President at Target Latino

"Ramon is a brilliant and insightful professional. A total delight to work with. His ability to get to the heart of the issue is uncanny. An outstanding individual and a superb professional. I will work with Ramon anytime and I highly recommend him and endorse his work."

Ruben Quinones, Digital Marketing, VP Path Interactive

"Ramon is a humble, creative professional who has quickly made an impact in new media. His passion and knowledge is a strong asset in this new economy. I have had the pleasure of having him as a guest lecturer in my NYU social media class, and would not hesitate to have him back again."

Robbie Holmes, Digital Services Expert from the USDS

"Ramon is the best manager I was ever privileged enough to report to. His grasp of managing a department not smothering or micro-managing was fantastic. He would take care of all the administrative details, ask for something from his people that was detailed and concise and in return leave us to solve all tasks. That being said when there was a priority project that needed more man hours Ray would roll up his sleeves and take on technical tasks himself."

Joel Fernandez, Cyber Security & Forensics SME

"I've worked with Ray for longer than I can remember. We worked together at Barnes and Noble and also for the City of New York. Whether in or out of the workplace, Ray's demeanor was always the same. He is a level-headed, methodical, bright, and innovative individual. An asset to any organization. A 5-minute conversation with Ray over a cup of coffee will clue you into his driven personality.I endorse Rays work, work-ethic, professionalism and drive without hesitation."