How I Use The NeatConnect To Keep My Business Organized

Is the process of keeping yourself organized feel like a futile endeavor? Are you still staring at the growing pile of paper that has been on your desk for months?

The creative process is chaotic. And you can quickly become buried in documents, business cards, and proposals if you don't have a system to keep that pile of paper in check.

I understand this issue intimately. Until recently my desk looked like Armageddon and evil was winning.

I did have a system.

I would scan my documents into Evernote using my HTC One, but it was a painful process. So I rarely followed my system and the pile continued to grow -- ideas got lost, bills were not paid, "that" important contract was miss-placed, again.

If I wanted to capitalize on my growing opportunities I needed to get organized. So a friend recommended the NeatConnect. I’ve heard of the product but never really gave much thought to making digital copies of all my documents.

I mean we need paper -- don’t we?

So after considerable nagging by my friend I picked up a NeatConnect.

I was cautious at first. I didn't believe that the NeatConnect could help me. But I decided to place my cautions to the side and just start scanning.

Scanning from the NeatConnect is simple -- in all honesty I was impressed with the accuracy. I first started with business cards and slowly graduated to scanning in important documents, like contracts.

At first, I used the included software that I found to be not user-friendly, so I immediately stopped using it. I then connected the NeatConnect to Evernote and Google Drive, which improved my experience.

After a few days, I scanned every scrap of paper with the NeatConnect and used Evernote to store all the documents as a PDF. The process is not flawless I had a few issues with the paper orientation that can be fixed in the NeatConnect.

More importantly all my documents stored and organized in Evernote. And when I get any document, once processed, I scan it immediately so I won’t lose or misplace anything.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Neatologist (Neat contributor) and entrepreneur Andrew Argue as we discussed his experience as an entrepreneur, I asked Argue about the NeatConnect.

“Neat is an amazing machine for people that scan a lot. Keeping contracts organized was a huge pain point that Neat solved. And as a bonus, it makes saving and tracking receipts, effortless. ” -- Andrew Argue, founder The Bean Counter

Even if you don’t scan a lot, I think any entrepreneur would benefit from using the NeatConnect or a similar appliance.

Question: Do you have a system that works for you? If so let me know and share your answers on Twitter.