Managers And Not Leaders

“If you don’t do what I’m telling you, I am going to tell the boss!” snaps the new director at one of his subordinates. It was a disturbing response but expected. Why because management is focused on improving performance now, and not on the long game.

While the promotion is a validation of the good technical work, leadership demands a variety of soft skills, the author Simon Sinek explains:

The real job of a leader is not being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in our charge.

Sinek continues:

The reason you get managers and not leaders is because the employee that is good at their job gets promoted to a leadership position but does not get training on how to be a leader.

How do you establish an environment that not only rewards good work but nurtures leadership? You can start by asking a question as simple as, “Is there anything you need to do your job better?”

In a corporate environment that maximizes shareholder value, over good leadership the question sends a clear signal — you care about maximizing value for your team.