Moments Away From A Life-Changing Decision

You want to be in the shape of your life: look amazing shirtless, boundless energy, visible six-pack, increased self-confidence, heavy plant-based diet, participate in multiple obstacle races and to be an inspiration to your family.

Regrettably, over the last 20 years you have allowed yourself to devolve: the standard American diet, financial stress, disengaged at work, poor sleep, not drinking enough water, sedentary lifestyle and allowing past failures to dictate your future.

You were watching an interview with James Lawrence (The Iron Cowboy), he noted:

Every moment of every single day has a massive impact on where you ultimately end up.

Lawrence adds:

We are moments away from a decision that can change your life.

Those words stuck in your echo chamber, and the words evolved into inspiration. You began to search for strategies: lifetime goals from Jack Canfield, Neuro-linguistic programming from Tony Robbins, finding your why from Simon Sinek and understanding that your failures do not reflect your future from The Iron Cowboy.

You don’t want to sit in your rocking chair at the end of your life and regret that you did not live your life. You want to live now. Why, because you are one moment away from a decision that can change your life.

When you die, you want to die on empty—inspiring others on their journey.