Your Competition Is Using It

Author Simon Sinek writes:

Have you ever had a sales rep try to sell you some “office solution” by telling you that 70 percent of your competitors are using their service, so why aren’t you?

No one wants to be the guy that is not using the thing that everyone else is using. But, there are questions you should ask before agreeing to buy the thing:

  • What if 70% of my competitors are idiots?
  • What if 70% of my competitors are buying because everyone else did?
  • If 70% of my competition is using that product? How does that give me the advantage?”

Sinek adds:

These are all forms of peer pressure. When marketers report that a majority of a population or a group of experts prefers their product over another, they are attempting to sway the buyer to believing that whatever they are selling is better.

Don’t be swayed by peer pressure. Don’t fixate on the cheaper short-term solution, over the better long-term solution. The short-term solution is a temporary fix, that can lead to long-term costs.