The Zip Line of Your Life

You are about to slide down the zip line when your lizard brain screams, “No! This is dangerous!” You begin to panic and tell the guy who is strapping you into the harness, “I can’t do this, please unstrap me!” The guy does not question your decision and unstraps you.

While choosing not to participate is not an issue, the successive decisions not to participate are an issue. Why, because the quality of your life is based on your choices. Author James Lawrence (the Iron Cowboy) explains:

The only limits are the ones you set for yourself.

Lawrence continues:

Don’t find your limits. Exceed your limits.

I find that if you hold yourself to a ridiculous standard, you consistently exceed your limits:

  • Push yourself to be more
  • Push yourself to be better
  • Push yourself to be smarter
  • Ask yourself, “What is next?”

You must cultivate an obsession with your definition of success. When you choose to participate, the quality of your life evolves.