You Have A Choice, Three To Be Exact

You have always felt that your ability to make decisions is governed. That your life is regulated by those with power; so you labor on. In part because you have stopped questioning, but more importantly because you have accepted your role as a cog in the machine.

The author of Seth’s Blog, Seth Godin mentors:

“Since you were five, schools and society have been teaching you to be a cog in the machine of our economy. To do what you’re told, to sit in straight lines and to get the work done.

In the early factory era, there was great demand for trained cogs, the cogs even had unions, and cog work was steady, consistent and respected. There were way worse things than coghood.”

Godin explains that the Second Machine Age has shattered the Industrial Revolution mindset and demonstrates that you now have a choice, three to be exact:

  1. You are the replaceable cog in the pyramid that is going to get paid as little as possible.
  2. Or you are the founder or the owner, the person who runs the thing.
  3. But for most of us, the best choice is to be the linchpin. The one you can’t live without. The person who figures out what to do next.

You are no longer a cog. You have agency. If you wish to become part of the remarkable few, then choose option two or three and go forward.