What are the Priorities for Your Business

What are the priorities for your business:

  • Hiring employees?
  • Signing a lease?
  • Filing out paperwork?

Yes, those items are necessary To Dos but they are not the propriety.

Michael Masterson, the author of Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat, explains:

”The big mistake most wannabe entrepreneurs make — they spend most of their time, attention, energy, and capital on things such as setting up an office, designing logos, printing business cards, filing forms, writing contracts and refining the product.”

So what is the only priority you as an entrepreneur should be concerned about — sales. Why, because sales is what generates cash flow so you can sustain your business.

Masterson continues:

”In starting a business, this is what your priorities and sequence of activities should be:

  1. Get the product ready enough to sell it, but don’t worry about perfecting it.
  2. Sell it.
  3. Then, if it sells, make it better.

That is a much better sequence of priorities which can help you build a company that one day will run itself, without you.