How Do You Find The Best Job in the World

You want to find the best job in the World? I mean you would be a fool if you said anything other than, ”YES!” But take a moment to be a kid again and daydream: ”What would be the best job in the World?”

Micheal Masterson, the author of ”Ready, Fire, Aim,” describes: “They say that the three most important decisions in life are:”

  • What you do.
  • Where you do it.
  • With whom you do it.

Masterson continues:

”To have a great career, you must choose work that gives you satisfaction, a working environment that is pleasing, and coworkers who make it easier for you to achieve your objectives.”

Yes, everything Masterson has listed sounds great, but let me ask you another equally important question: “Why should you have the best job in the World?”

Are you a linchpin? Have you taken the time to build your career capital? Do you have the experience of fighting through the dip? Or are you part of the remarkable average?

From my experience most people are not linchpins, nor have they built career capital nor have they ever fought through the dip. And those characteristics are what is required of you if you are ever to enjoy the best job in the World.

Masterson explains:

”But I soon discovered the truth about entrepreneurship that the freedom it gives you is usually the freedom to work twice as long and twice as hard as you ever did, even if you thought you were working too much for someone else.”

You have already decided that you want to have the best job in the World. But, will you choose to:

  1. Be a linchpin. Seth Godin shares: “Linchpins are the essential building blocks of tomorrow’s high-value organizations.”
  2. Build career capital. Cal Newport states: “… develop rare and valuable skills..”
  3. Push through the dip. Seth Godin explains: ““The Dip creates scarcity; scarcity creates value.”

If you decide that finding the best job in the World is too much work, that is your choice. But keep that in mind when you are wondering: ”Why does that guy get to work the best jobs in the World?”

Because he made the choice.