When You Are The Boss

You have said it numerous times: ”If I were the boss things would be better.” You think:

  • I won’t act like the boss.
  • I will be everyone's friend.
  • And, know one would ever take advantage of me.

Unfortunately, reality slaps you in the face when you are the boss, and you realize:

  • You have to be the boss.
  • Everyone can’t be your friend.
  • And people will take advantage of you.

Norm Brodsky, the author of The Knack, explains:

”There are actually two types of mistakes that people typically make when they’re new to the boss’s role. The first involves their relationship with employees. The second has to do with their assumptions about their own job.”

No, you can’t be a friend to your team members. Although, you must treat them with respect and add value to the relationship. What you must not forget is that the relationship between you and your team is based on business.

As the boss, more specifically a leader, your main responsibility is to add value to your team. If you are not adding value, then you are hurting the team.