The MVP of Persistence

Persistence is a quality that you hear allot about. If you are in business persistence is a must. Even in your personal life persistence is a good quality to display. But there is an imaginary line, which if crossed persistence becomes a liability.

Persistence was my liability again and again. I blame inexperience because before I shipped a product it needed to be perfect. But perfect never came. It will never come. Bear in mind that a product that is shipped should always be viewed as a work in progress, a minimum viable product (MVP).

Derek Sivers, founder and former president of CD Baby, explains, "Present each new idea or improvement to the world. If multiple people are saying, “Wow! Yes! I need this! I’d be happy to pay you to do this!” then you should probably do it. But if the response is anything less, don’t pursue it."

So build a product that keeps attacking the customer problem and, then, iterates to create a sophisticated solution. By focusing your efforts on building a MVP you collect the maximum amount of actionable data about customers with the least amount of effort.