The Goal Is Too Big

There is an excitement when you discover a new goal. Your mind races with endless possibilities, huge benefits, and profound impact. So you chart the course, it’s aggressive, but you're confident, and as you are about to set sail — failure. Compounded by setbacks. And like a Greek tragedy, the drama turns to ruin. Your goal did not die because of your moral weakness or inability to cope; it perished because of one tragic flaw — your strategy.

Yes, your goal should be big. It should challenge you and force you to address difficult questions. What the goal is not, is to be managed as a whole. The accomplishment of your goal must be iterative with consistent self-assessment. I have placed this strategy into practice over the past year, and it has allowed me to be surgical with how I address my big goals.

So start small, perhaps a daily practice, that allows you to relish in the small win. Those minor actions are the building blocks of accomplishing any goal.