Your Calling

You have heard this a lot lately... “Find Your calling.” Part of this conversation is being fueled by the fact that we are living in an economic renaissance. This rebirth is giving you options to pursue passions and dreams that attract financial freedom.

But I think that as a culture we have become obsessed with finding your calling. To the point where you have forgotten about your why. The reason you started on this journey -- to add value.

There was a time when I searched desperately for my calling; to the detriment of everything else and everyone else. And because “everyone” else had found their calling I thought that there was something wrong with me. That I was in some way not worthy, perhaps even broken.

But when I stopped pressuring myself to find my calling and started investing time in my effort, for the lack of a better word my calling found me. I realized that while I was searching I was not seeing, worse I was not adding value to myself or others.

I don’t believe that you should be looking for your calling, it’s a selfish and solitary act. You should follow your effort; the thing or things that you are committing significant energy to. That is where you are making the greatest impact and adding the most value.

So does that mean you found your calling or did it find you? Yes. Maybe. No. Honestly, who cares, just be grateful for the opportunity to add value to others.