You're Not Good Enough

How many times have you repeated this narrative -- "I am not good enough." Have you said it out loud before that all important meeting with your boss? Have you said it silently before you're about to speak to your new team for the first time?

I have, and I still do.

Human beings are storytellers. It's how we are wired to consume and relay information. We tell empowering stories that can inspire you to push through the dip. We also tell disempowering stories that can sabotage the progress you have made towards shipping that new product.

Unfortunately, we tend to marry the disempowering story of -- "I am not good enough." And if you tell that story long enough you will begin to believe it. Why, because the stories you tell yourself condition your perception of reality.

And if you are going to do the important work that matters, there can be no room for the disempowering story.

The fastest way to inoculate yourself from the disempowering stories is to divorce those narratives. One solution is to get out of your comfort zone and get around people that operate outside of their comfort zone. These are individuals who are...

  • Smarter.
  • More successful.
  • More connected.
  • More trusted.

You won't achieve higher elevations of success if your inner circle keeps re-affirming you. You need people that will not re-affirm you. Who will hold you accountable and keep pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

And sooner, rather than later, the disempowering story of -- "I am not good enough" will become a faint whisper.