You Will Never Be What You Want To Be, Until You Do This

“If you want what you have never had before. If you want to do what you have never done before. If you want to be what, you have never been before. Then you have to change your mentality.”

-- Eric Thomas, motivational speaker, author, and minister

But you are comfortable. You are too comfortable to realize the opportunities that lie before you. Why, because instead of thinking about the opportunity, you are thinking about the commitment. So subconsciously you have already lost. You have allowed Resistance; the narrative you tell yourself -- “I am not good enough” -- to win.

I fight Resistance every minute of every day. It’s a vicious, deceitful, and cunning enemy but I am tired. I am sick of allowing Resistance dictate what I can achieve. I refuse to die with unrealized dreams still in me. I decided to start looking at my life as an opportunity, to be what I have never been before.

So what’s the game plan?

I am not going to tell you to follow your passion. The advice is terrible. What I am going to say is that you need to commit yourself to becoming more valuable -- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

Don’t try to improve yourself 100% overnight, or this week or even this month. Becoming more valuable is a slow process so focus on improving yourself 1% each day:

Physical Health

  • Sleep 7 - 8 hours a night.
  • Eating well (you know what this means).
  • Hydrate daily.
  • Have sex regularly.
  • Exercise (something as simple as 10 minutes of Yoga in the morning).

Emotional Health

  • Build an influential inner circle.
  • Remove the people from your life that are toxic; or, at least, minimize your exposure.
  • Help others even if they are perfect strangers.
  • Love your family, unconditionally.
  • Don’t be your worst critic, acknowledge the negative self-talk, accept it and let it pass through you.

Mental Health

  • Write down 10 ideas a day to exercise your idea muscle.
  • Write, draw, take pictures, create every day.
  • Read or listen to audio books every day.
  • Educate yourself by watching TED, taking a class at Udemy, or learning a language at Duolingo.

Spiritual Health

  • Be grateful every day; use a journal.
  • Meditate for 6 minutes daily.
  • Ask yourself ”Who did I help today?”

Financial Health

  • Live by Dave Ramey’s 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom.
  • Have weekly money dates to discuss finances; bring wine, cheese, chocolate or whatever makes it a date.
  • Spend eight hours a week learning about personal finance.
  • Dedicate money so you can invest in yourself; experiences, education, and stories.

Is this a long list? Yes. Will this be difficult to accomplish? Yes. Will this require you to make changes in your life? Yes. But if you want what you have never had before if you want to do what you have never done before if you want to be what you have never been before, then you must change your life conditions.

You must begin today. Place it on your calendar. Give yourself 12 months, change 1% daily and you will be amazed on what you have accomplished. You have value within you and it’s your responsibility to share it with the world.