The Tribe

Are you building something that is bigger than you? That will outlast you? That will add value not just to the people that read your blog but to the billions of individuals on the planet, that don't?

The chances are that you will answer with a big fat ”No.”

I always, incorrectly, thought that building an online business was about me. That if I...

  • wrote great content.
  • shared great content.
  • and showed everyone how smart I am.

I would generate a six figure income like many of my online superheroes. Oh, boy was I painfully wrong.

I learned the hard way that if you think only about you. That if you produce mediocre content. That if you build common products. That if you create average services -- no one will come. Why, because you made it about you and the production of average stuff.

The secret, for the sake of argument, is to build something that is not only bigger than you, but that adds massive value to others. When you can solve someone else's problems, they will cross the street to follow you. They will tell their friends and before you know it you have attracted a tribe that is bonded by a shared interest.

As the tribe grows and turns into a movement, your responsibility is not to manage the tribe but to lead it. To build the story of who "we" are and paint the vision of what "we" are trying to accomplish.

And yes... the money will eventually follow.