Difficult Times

I forget how the quote goes, but I will try my best, “You are either in a problem, leaving a problem or heading into one.” It’s a quote that I heard from motivational speaker Les Brown and at the time, I did not give much thought to the meaning, until recently.

Your day is peppered with problems, some are small, others are bigger, and some are even monumental. No matter the size of the problem, they are a permanent resident in your life. I have found that small and even big problems can serve as preparation for the monumental problem that stands to derail your life. Like being told your mother has cancer and less than four years to live.

I was terrible at dealing with problems. I would avoid them in hopes that they would just go away. But that’s the issue with problems; they don’t just go away if anything they become more chronic with age. I have learned, that problems must be managed, it’s a process of a healthy lifestyle.

Accept the pain. Don’t run or ignore the problem. You must face the problem and embrace the issue with courage.
Take small steps. Problems have an insidious way of robbing you of energy and hope. So manage the problem in small doses and be patient with yourself.
Ask for help. Sometimes the problem is too much for you to manage so ask for help. Reach out to those who have a proven track record of supporting you when you need them.

Problems are a structural part of the DNA of your life. You can neither ignore the problem or wish it away; the only remedy is to manage the problem when it’s first presented to you. Otherwise, you will spend your life running from an ever growing hoard of challenges.