Your Most Valuable Asset

You hustle every day. You have clarity of purpose. You can expertly navigate the torturous waters of success. You fail consistently but evaluate each experience. The pressure to get where you want to be is a continuous force, so you soldier on.

But at the end of the day, you're not just tired, you're utterly drained of physical and mental resources. It’s no wonder that your success has been limited, and you border on depression on a moment to moment basis. When you are hustling to build something that is bigger than you, that will outlast you -- you need to be operating at peak efficiency.

That efficiency is only possible when you are taking exceptional care of your mind, body, spirit and finances. You don’t have to take massive action; you can take small steps, but they must be consistent and focused:

  • Give thanks -- Take the time to realize what’s important to you and journal it every day.
  • Move your body -- Our bodies are designed to move, not sitting for eight hours at a desk all day.
  • Get shut-eye -- Sleep is when your body repairs itself, and when short-term memory is moved to long-term.
  • Quench your thirst -- The human body is a machine with lots of moving parts and water is its most valuable fuel.
  • Taste the rainbow -- The more brightly-colored a vegetable is, the better it is for you.
  • In an emergency -- Having an emergency fund to cover those unforeseen emergencies is a comforting safety net.

For you to commit to a change, it must be done in small steps and over a period of time. I tend to schedule healthy actions and stick with them for about 30 days -- which is the time it takes to turn an action into a habit. In order, to put a ding in the universe, you first need to take care of your most valuable asset -- you.