Are You Thinking About The Opportunity

Why do you keep going? Who keeps you motivated? What keeps you inspired? It’s a difficult responsibility to keep getting up every day at 4 AM, to do the important work.

I have always been personally inspired, but I have to admit it’s tough. Why, because inspiration is not an infinite resource and from time to time it must be replenished. But how?

When you look at work that needs to be done as an obligation, it will quickly rob you of your personal inspiration. But when you look at the work as an opportunity, it will replenish you.

So I need you to think about what you are thinking about when your effort is low. Because when your effort is low, I can guarantee you that you are not thinking about the opportunities that lie before you, you are thinking about the obligation.

If you want what you have never had before and if you want to be someone you have never been before, I need you to forget about the obligation and think about the opportunity you have to create massive value.