James Altucher: Ideas vs. Execution (Execution is just a subset of ideas)

Do you want to become an idea machine? Do you want to become the go-to person when your team needs a fantastic idea?

Did you say ”Yes!”

But you have been fed the lie that people who generate ideas out of thin air are anomalies -- deviants.

I believed the same lies. I believed these creatives were born with some genetic advantage. But I was wrong. Being able to generate ideas has little to do with genetics but more to do with habit.

James Altucher explains that anyone can become an idea machine. How -- by writing down 10 daily ideas. It does not matter if the ideas are bad, good or excellent. What is important is the action of writing down 10 ideas daily.

Do you doubt that plan can make you an idea machine? Then try it for seven days. Schedule it. Dedicate 50 minutes and write down those 10 ideas.

The idea experiment might appear silly. But the ability to generate ideas and execute those plans can have a significant impact on your personal and professional lives. Altucher attributes the better part of his success to this daily practice.