The Launch of Project99: An Inspired Journey By Author Josh Kaufman

Do you want more control in your professional life? Do you want to create profound impact? Do you want to leverage your creativity to solve interesting problems?

I said “Yes,” to all three questions, did you? The next obvious inquiry is, “How do you do that?”

Conventional wisdom would answer:

  1. Go back to school.
  2. Get a certification.
  3. Take company training.

And conventional wisdom would be painfully wrong. You don’t have to wait for permission; you simply have to do something that you have not done since college -- read.

Author Abby Marks Beale explains, “Learning and growing through reading helps you to become professionally and personally successful.”

In Project99 I am documenting my journey to success. My hope is that through my documentation, you are inspired to take massive action to improve your professional life. I am focusing on Josh Kaufman’s Personal MBA system,

“MBA programs don’t have a monopoly on advanced business knowledge: you can teach yourself everything you need to know to succeed in life and at work. The Personal MBA features the very best business books available, based on over ten years and thousands of hours of research.”

I will spend the next 99 weeks reading the list of books in the Personal MBA and documenting my lessons learned. My hope is to add additional value to the Personal MBA, through my lessons learned.

I hope my articles will help you to master those essential business skills that will help you, one day find the work you love.

The first article will launch the week of January 15th. If you would like to be updated, please subscribe.

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