What Do Great Leaders Do? Here Are 6 Practices They Must Do.

Do you understand what great leaders do? Do they manage others? Do they command others? Do they blame others?

No. No. And hell no!

Brendon Burchard explains that great leaders do not think in terms of ”me.” Burchard explains that great leaders think in terms of how can they add more value to their team.

How do leaders add more value, Burchard developed these six practices:

1. Envision. What should tomorrow look like for my team?

2. Enlist. What are the desires of others?

3. Embody. There is a congruence with who the leader is and how they behave.

4. Empower. Give others the authority to make decisions to succeed.

5. Evaluate. To assess if others are progressing.

6. Encourage. Be the champion that is inspiring others.

On a daily basis focus on these six practices. Repeat them every day for the next six weeks and let me know what happens.

In the meantime, watch Burchard’s video on “What Great Leaders Actually DO?”