Excellent Question Project: Why do you want to follow a leader that does not believe he can make a difference?

Would you follow a leader who does not believe in their potential to take action so he can get amazing results?

It’s a tragic moment when you longer believe that you can make a difference. Belief is low, and you just can’t summon enough action to make a last stand. And the only option you are entertaining is failure.

I remember a time when I was defeated as a leader. It’s nauseating to be presented with the fact that you have failed. That you did everything within your power, and it still was not enough.

It happens. As leaders we fail. As risk-takers we are unsuccessful. The solution is not to walk away with your head low. It’s to learn from the experience. You have to examine what went wrong. You have to assimilate that scrutinized experience and make it part of your DNA, so it becomes a familiar.

You have to control your mental focus. And that must become your governing force so that you don’t lose the core story. One tool that has helped me considerably is keeping a growth journal.

As leaders, we can not avoid the lack of belief but we can intentionally examine the experiences and see why or where is this belief originating from. And that knowledge can be sobering.