Excellent Question Project: What are you doing to grow?

When was the last time you purposely did something to improve you?

If you are like most adults, that was college. And the only learning you've done since college is federally mandated, like a sexual harassment workshop. When we stop learning, we stop growing, and when we stop growing, we stop being happy.

It’s no wonder why worldwide, only 13% of the employees are engaged at work (according to Gallup.com).

I totally understand the growth and happiness connection and not being engaged at work. It feels like a prison sentence.

But what if you changed things up?

What if you spent more time growing? What if you turned off the TV and just read ten pages each day of John C. Maxwell’s book "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth?" And not just read the book but take notes and apply what you are learning to your life?

If you did that, what would your life look like 365 days from now? How would you feel — happier?

I dare you to do it. Turn off the TV and read "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" and apply some of the principles to your life.

You will be surprised how by placing those principles into practice your life begins to get a little better, every day.