Excellent Question Project: Who do you know that I should know?

Is your network helping you make the right connections?

Building a powerful network is critical to your success in both business and your personal life.

Many of you don’t know how to build an effective network. It's not your fault it's just not something that you were taught; it must be learned. More importantly, you have to ask the right question.

I thought the key to success was hard work. It’s not. Yes, the work must be done but it’s equally important to know the right people and that they know you.

Yes, attending meetups, and industry events are amazing avenues to building your network. But something powerful happens when you ask this one questions — “Who do you know that I should know?”

Try this the next time you are at a meetup. Asking that question is a powerful method for growing your network because the introductions are warm.

And if you are adding value to others, then people will add value to you and help you make those connections.