Excellent Question Project: Who Do You Want To Be?

Who do you want to be?

This question is both exciting and terrifying because many of you don’t know what you want to be. So the fallback plan is to follow your passion. But that is a terrible strategy. Passion is a feeling, not a plan.

I have been following my passion for over 30 years, and I have been drifting through life. It’s only when I stopped following my passion and started adding value to others that I finally found out who I wanted to be.

Passion is fickle. Today you might be passionate about “this.” And tomorrow you might be passionate about “that.” So passion is not a good indicator of who you should be.

Solve problems. Solve your problems. Solve the problems of others. If you focus your energies on adding value to the lives of other people, they will thank you. They will pay you. They will connect you with other opportunities.

And that is how you find your passion, at the crossroads of your ability to add value and solving someone’s problems. And when you can do that passion follows you.