This Is Not The Life You Wanted To Live (But It Could Have Been)

As you are looking back on your life, you have many regrets. Why? Because you have lived a life stuck on unremarkably average:

  • You sit at a desk 40 hours a week for 10 hours of productive work
  • You don't question authority
  • You live paycheck to paycheck
  • You have thousands of dollars in credit card debt

You have lost all belief in your potential to act so you can improve your life, to live life on purpose. And in all honesty there is only one person you can blame -- you.

I came from that place of regret and lack of belief. And there is hope, that is your "light at the end of a dark tunnel." I used that hope to forge a new path for myself; one which allows me to live a more remarkable life.

But you must do the work!

You need to be willing to break the bonds of conformity. You need to get pissed off at living an unremarkably average life. You need to find the courage and let that emotion fuel your new journey; that will lead you to your life's purpose.

Because if you continue your current path I guarantee you that your life will be a carbon copy of Lou...