Do You Know How to Create the Perfect Content Strategy? Kimanzi Constable Is Killing It.

So you have an amazing product. You have an eye-opening website. You are killing it on Twitter. So why are the same 100 readers, the only ones that are visiting your blog?

I am about to reinforce what you already know to be true — nobody really cares about your product or site.

Am I being fresh, no. I am just honest and deep down inside you know it’s the truth. There are 1 billion websites on the Internet, and that number will only increase as the Internet matures. Making matters worse everyone is claiming to be an expert.

So instead of your audience being drawn to your signal, they are lost in the sea of digital noise.

Not to mention that there is something far more important than noise or signal — trust. You buy from the person you trust. And because there are so many experts, how is your audience supposed to know which expert is best positioned to help them?

So what you have is a flawless recipe for the perfect storm:

  • No one cares
  • Too many websites
  • Too many so-called experts

Which equals a fairly unengaged website that looks more like an abandoned building.

I know the struggle all too well.

For years, I struggled to get my signal through the noise. I tried dozens of strategies. Followed the advice of experts. Subscribed to some online courses. But my message made incremental improvements.

And when I asked for advice from the influencers, I was told, “Make your content shareable.” I tried to make my content shareable, but my message still failed to get through. I was on the verge of giving up on my dream of becoming a published author.

But then I ran into two people online, and they changed how I communicated my message:

  • Donald Miller
  • Kimanzi Constable

Both of these gentlemen are published authors who run successful online businesses.

I studied them. I read their article. I listened to their interviews. And their strategies of crafting a signal that punches through the noise was so simple but so spectacular.

How Donald Miller Uses Story To become a Best Selling Author

Donald Miller is a student of story. Miller leveraged that framework to not only write three best-selling books but to also reframe his websites’ message. It’s what I am using to write this article and what I am using to reposition my website:

  1. A Character Note: The customer is always the hero it’s never about you.

  2. Has A Problem Note: The customer must identify with this issue. You must understand their philosophical, internal and/or external problem.

  3. That Meets A Guide Note: That I am one of them. It can also be the philosophy of your brand.

  4. Who Gives Them A Plan Note: This must be very simple to understand and implement. An agreement plan is good because it stipulates that there will be no haggling because you will get the best service for the best price, period.

  5. Then Calls Them To Action Note: This must be a clear request on a website it’s called a direct CTA.

6a. That Action Either Results in… Note: You can combine Comedy and Tragedy to create a more compelling message.

6b. A Comedy Or Note: Tell the customer how great their life will be if they don’t buy your product.

6c. A Tragedy Note: Tell the customer how bad if their life will be if they don’t buy your product.

Now, whether you are writing an article or reframing your communications plan, you simply fill in the blanks. The goal is to filter every message through this story framework which will help you craft a powerful message that your audience will be attracted to.

How Kimanzi Constable Leverages Mainstream Media To Speak All Over the World

Kimanzi Constable’s strategy is less elegant but equally as stunning. Constable’s secret sauce is guest posting.

He strategically looks to write for mainstream outlets, like Success Magazine, the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine. Kimanzi has leveraged writing for these outlets to secure book deals, international speaking gigs and coaching clients.

How do you write for these websites, you need to pitch them an article that the editor will love to publish.

Why does this strategy work, because you are writing for an audience of business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers. These individuals are thirsty for mind-blowing articles and if you are the author of the article that business owner may ask you to share your article with his company — perhaps in the form or a paid speaking gig.

Oh and a wonderful side effect of this strategy is that you are perceived as an authority.

So by using both of these strategies you will craft a better message. And leverage the brand authority of an outlet like the Huffington Post, to get your message in front of 200 million monthly unique customers.

So is it an overnight success formula? Far from, there is a great deal of work that needs to be done, but the rewards are staggering.