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The Conundrum of Compliance

We spend lots of energy creating and practicing compliance. While there is nothing inherently wrong with it, when interpreted as an absolute compliance tends to crush contribution in defense of the populous philosophy of - the mandated cooperation. Are you unsure what I am referring to, do these points sound embarrassingly familiar:

  • Accepting what people in authority tell you without question.
  • Never asking why when everyone agrees with the popular idea.
  • Sitting at your desk, being busy for 40 hours a week, while only being productive for 10.

I understand the necessity of the mandated cooperation, but I do not agree with its fanatical application; because under such a regime, it becomes improbable for you to add value to an interesting problem or lead a team to create massive value.

How do you shift this paradigm? Today, you live in a time where asking for permission is no longer necessary. You can choose yourself and be present, create projects, set standards, raise the bar, learn something new, see the world as it is, connect with interesting people, challenge popular beliefs and most importantly question everything.

You are (now) a global citizen who has access to a global cash of resources; I challenge you to break with compliance and contribute something extraordinary to the global community.