personal success

The Compromise

The best way to end up mediocre is via small compromises. When was the last time you refused to compromise? When you told yourself that this might not work but you will fail your way to success? It’s a difficult choice to make and an even hard decision to see through because the thought to not compromise is not a modern philosophy.

I used to think that I was working on being remarkable until I realized that the better part of my life as been a compromise:

  • I compromised my career because what I wanted to be was too hard.
  • I compromised my writing because I was told it was not good enough.
  • I compromised experiences that would stretch me because my friends laughed.
  • I compromised surrounding myself with smarter people because of my insecurities.

Compromising is the surest path to mediocrity; it the safe thing to do. But what if you took a stand? What if you said, ”No more compromises. This stops now.” Where would that new found courage deliver you? Start with a small project that scares you and tell yourself that it might not work.

By doing so, you allow yourself to approach your project with a beginner's mindset. The best way to end up being remarkable is via small (un)compromises.

Daily Thoughts - Personal Growth Pan

You have fallen behind on your personal growth this year. Why? In part because you have lost a bit of clarity in your purpose. And you have allowed that loss of clarity to distract you from what's important.

It happens to me all the time. Personal growth is a constant struggle. Unfortunately, the struggle never gets easier it only increases in complexity. At times, the struggle comes down to a vicious battle between the life and death of your dreams.

So what can you do? How do you get back on track? There are some strategies but what seems to work best for me is to make your personal growth plans public. Tell someone that will hold you accountable.

You need to reach out to your accountability partner today and let him know that you need his help in keeping you on task.

Staying on track with your growth plan will be a tough journey but surrounding yourself by accountability partners allows you to establish checkpoints that will keep you honest and keep you growing in your desired accounts.