The Dilemma of Building a Product No One Wants

You have a significant problem. One that if you do not fix and quickly will be the undoing of your dream of building a profitable business. What is it? You are developing a product in a shroud of secrecy: stealth mode if you will.

Why, because you think that someone will steal your idea and then your unique selling proposition will be lost. In all honesty, you need to get over yourself. Ideas are cheap, and your idea is not so revolutionary that others are plotting its theft.

Your Ideas Are Just Plain Stupid

Josh Kaufman, the author of The Personal MBA, explains:

“Don’t be shy about showing potential customers your work in progress.”

Kaufman continues to share:

”Ideas are cheap — what counts is the ability to translate an idea into reality, which is much more difficult than recognizing a good idea.”

Making an idea happen is challenging work. It’s even more challenging when you build it, and no one cares. They don’t care because you never took the time to learn what your real customers want.

Why the Prototype is Sensational

The only way to understand what potential customers are looking for in a product is to get feedback. The best way to get feedback is the prototype. Kaufman explains:

”All your Prototype has to do is represent what you’re offering in a tangible way so that your potential customers can understand you’re doing well enough to give you good feedback.” He continues: ”As you show your prototype to potential customers, you’ll get a steady stream of ideas and feedback.”

You must make feedback a crucial part of your early learning opportunities. As you learn, want real customers want you build a better product over time.