Seth Godin and Unlimited Bowling

You no longer have to ask for permission to make and distribute your work. You no longer have to wait for a gatekeeper to choose you. You only need to stop seeing the world for what it once was and begin to see the world as it is. Once you believe in that philosophy choosing yourself becomes significantly easier.

But I know that choosing yourself is a difficult option. Why, because of your internal narrative of you're not good enough. And the other, slightly more significant piece of the conversation -- Who do you think you are? Together this dangerous tag team works feverishly to prevent you from doing the work.

Seth Godin spends the better part of this video addressing the resistance within you. Godin delivers some strategies to help you understand, how to deal with your fears.

If you want to be treated as a non-commodity. Then stop acting like a like a commodity.

- Seth Godin