Ten Year Plan Is Stupid

"Where do you see yourself in ten years?" is fundamentally an unintelligent question. I have found that people who ask this question are under a false assumption that the question decisively provides evidence of your future level of success. It does not.

I spent the better part of my life thinking that there was something wrong with me. Why, because I could never intelligently answer the question, so I made shit up:

  • I will be a lawyer.
  • I will be a teacher.
  • I will be a doctor.

I misspent a large amount of time and energy pursuing, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" But was it a waste or part of my overall journey to success? Les Brown, a motivational speaker, explains that you will fail your way to success. So I am confident that I needed to fail before finding my vision. My passion.

And in all honesty, the only way you will find your vision is through the journey. I would suggest to break with convention and focus on what breaks your heart. I have found that strategy helped me find focus on my mission. Once you have identified your vision, develop a one-year strategy, then a six-month strategy, then a three-month strategy, then a one-month strategy, and finally a week strategy.

Then write down 7 action items that you must take every day to achieve your vision. Do this daily and then analyze how far you have come in six months and then again at 12 months. Start this process immediately and instead of focusing on your ten-year plan, focus on your ten-year commitment to achieving your vision.