What Is The Game You Play - Long Or Short

Do you want to be #1 in the World or are you playing to become the best version of you? Most businesses will migrate to the former -- to be #1 in the World.

Now while that vision might appear to be the correct answer, it’s not. When your focus is to be #1 you have blinders on, and you commit much of your resources to beat everyone else. The problem with that mentality is that there will always be a company that is better than yours.

So eventually you will fail at being #1.

Instead, focus your company on becoming the best version of itself. Simon Sinek, leadership authority, gives an example of this philosophy:

I was speaking at an education conference at Microsoft, and I also spoke at an education conference at Apple. At the education conference at Microsoft, 70% of the executives spent about 70% of their presentation talking about how to beat Apple. At the Apple education summit, 100% of the executives spent 100% of their presentation talking about how to help teachers teach and how to help students learn. One is playing to be #1 in the World, and one is playing to be the best version of itself.”

Can you guess which company is planning how they can be a better version of themselves?

So how do you make that shift in optics? By restructuring the vision based on a simple question -- “How can we become a better version of ourselves today, than what we were yesterday?”

The question is simple, but it paints a significant picture that you are the competition. And by adopting that philosophy, you are guaranteeing that your company can stay in the game longer.