The Roadmap Ep. 40

Ray & Zev sat down to talk with Brett Martin, Founder and CEO of (, a NYC startup that has an awesome application that uses the best of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and Location Based Services (such as foursquare) to build new relationships in person.

The Roadmap EP. 39

Zev Green speaks with Graham Lawlor, CEO of BrightMap which is a lead-generation service for business networking communities and professional service providers.

The Roadmap Ep. 38

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.) & Zev Green talk to CEO Joe Meyer, and Community Manager Alexandra Dao of Hopstop about their patent, some new services released, and others services coming soon.

The Roadmap Ep. 32

Zev Green looks at the latest technology from Samsung. Scott Birnbaum (Vice President, New Business Development at Samsung Electronics) and Jennifer Davis (Vice President, Marketing at Planar Systems and Runco International).

The Roadmap Ep. 31

Dirolf invited us down to Dogpatch Labs New York to discuss what Fiestac is all about. Fiesta is doing some really interesting things with group email lists. Check it out!

The Roadmap Ep. 30

Ramon B. Nuez Jr. and Zev Mo Green chat with Sam Tarantino, CEO & Founder of Grooveshark. We discuss being a startup in NYC, the future of music streaming services, Sam's passion for music, and how Grooveshark is focusing on artists.

The Roadmap Ep. 28

Ramon B. Nuez Jr. and Zev Green speak with Joe Yevoli Co-Founder & CEO of HomeField about the company the services they offer and their experiences as a New York City Startup.

The Roadmap Ep. 18

Ramon B. Nuez Jr. and Zev Mo Green sit down with Vimeo General Manager Dae Mellencamp to discuss Vimeo's new Pro service.

The Roadmap Ep. 13

Ramon B.Nuez Jr. and Zev Green sit down with Hashable CEO/Founder Michael Yavonditte to discuss their website, mobile application, NFC integration, and a little of what the future holds for the Content Relationship Management (CRM) space.

The Roadmap Ep. 12

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Lenny Rachitsky co-Founder of LocalMind. Lenny is stationed in Canada and is working very hard on getting LocalMind, just right. The software was a big hit at SXSW. Come and listen in as I speak with Lenny about LocalMind.

The Roadmap Ep. 11

I was given the opportunity to meet with CollegeHumor Media's new CEO Paul Greenberg. Paul has an impressive resume -- VP at MTV Network, EVP at TV Guide Online and now CEO of one of the most popular video properties on the web.

The Roadmap Ep.10

Zev Green and Ramon B. Nuez Jr. speak with CEO Mike Hudack about his company, the web broadcast space, and New York City as a place for start-ups. We even cover inter-dimentional time travel and international politics.

The Roadmap Ep. 09

Ramon B. Nuez Jr. and Zev Green speak with Blake Whitman, VP of Creative Development at, about the Vimeo community, Beyond the Still, Vimeo Video School, sweetacular, and much more!

The Roadmap Ep. 08

Zev Green speaks with Grovo CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Fernandez about their online video training community site. We were very fortunate to see a sneak preview release of their exciting new platform.

The Roadmap Ep. 07

We first saw SkillSlate at VatorSplash NY. The company was one of 10 start-ups that took the stage and gave their 3 minute pitch. As a New Yorker who finds it difficult locating reliable services such as a plumber - I was sold.

The Roadmap Ep. 06

Ruben Quinones wears many hats -- Director of New Media, NYU Adjunct Professor, host of Path TV and professional speaker. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ruben and we discussed a number of topics including the basics of SEO.

The Roadmap Ep. 04

Zev Green and Ramon B.Nuez Jr had the wonderful opportunity in meeting Ultra Light Startups, CEO Graham Lawlor. We met at his NYC office.

The Roadmap Ep. 03

Zev Mo Green and Ramon B. Nuez Jr. talk with Andrew Pile VP of Product and Development. We come to find out that Andrew is not only VP but he is somewhat of a Vimeo historian.

The Roadmap Ep. 02

Ramon B.Nuez Jr. and ZevMo sat down with Mark McDiarmid, Senior Director, RAN Systems Engineering and Product Validation for T-Mobile USA, at CES 2011, in Las Vegas, to discuss their exciting new HSPA+ 21 & 42 4G networks.

The Roadmap Ep. 01

Zev Mo Green (@zevmo) and Ramon B. Nuez Jr. (@ramonbnuezjr) had a wonderful discussion with CEO -- Tanjila Islam and Director of Business Development -- Bhavna Lal. Tiger Trade is a NYC start-up focused on B2B. The company helps firms leap into global markets.