The Leaders Project: I published an interview every week on the Huffington Post. The interview was with global leaders from across many fields like entrepreneurship, technology, pharmacy, and home design. The interviews were a lot of fun.

Interview with CEO of Modsy, Shanna Tellerman

When you are looking to decorate a room, do you get frustrated? Do you buy a piece of furniture because it seems incredible at the store, and then when it arrives at your house you hate it? Or worse you have no clue what piece of furniture would go in that space?

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Interview with CEO of Capsule, Eric Kinariwala

You have a massive headache perhaps a migraine. You contact your doctor, and he prescribes medication. You stumble to your local pharmacy to pick up the prescription, but it’s out of stock. Unfortunately, the pharmacy is providing little to no support. Making matters worse you call the doctor, to see if there is an alternative, but you can’t get a cell phone signal so out of frustration you head back home.

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