Projects for 2018

Podcasting Interviews. I want the opportunity to speak directly to my audience so that I can build trust and increases my reach. I am looking at doing 20 interviews this year.

Fluency in Spanish. My goal is to gain native fluency so I can leverage Spanish to -- increase my business opportunities, expand my circle of friends and enjoy amazing books.

Self-publish a book. I have no clue what I want to write. Seth Godin explains that everyone should write a manifesto. Whatever, content I choose, I want to control my story and the platform where it's published.

Run an NYC Spartan Race. Plain and simple I want to participate in a race that is designed to test my mental and physical strength, determination and endurance.

Parenting. Yes, the mother of all learning projects. I strive to be the best father that I can be, but I fail often.

Reading 50 Books. That is how knowledge works; you have to read and read allot. My goal is to focus on three themes this year Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Psychology, and Bioscience.

Writing for Publications. I want to leverage other publications so I can market my words. This year my goal is to write for:

Newsletter. I have always wanted to put together a newsletter that gives value back to the folks that have permitted me to populate their inbox. I have been gun shy, but my goal is to pull the trigger and see what happens.