The Roadmap

The Roadmap is a video podcast where my co-host Zev Green and I interviewed NYC-based startups.



DOT is an outlet that educates dads -- on gadgets, gizmos, thingamajigs and doodads. Our hope is that we can shed some light on what gizmos they should buy and what doodads they should stay away from.


New Media Brief

This is the project that started my creative pursuits. My longtime friends Robbie Holmes and Zev Green agreed to join me on a journey -- beginning a podcast discussing social media, tech culture, and personal technology. We wanted to become the next "This Week In TV." Unfortunately, we failed, but we had a fantastic time creating the show.

Grand Teton National Park-13.jpg

Yellowstone Ecosystem

In 2014, I was invited by the National Park Service to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. My images and words are a poor attempt in capturing the sheer beauty of the Ecosystem.