Inspired by Derek Sivers

I am currently working on eight projects this year:

  • I am reading the 99 books from Josh Kaufman's Personal MBA. I am sharing what I learn on my blog.
  • I am also devloping my mental models, expanding what Charlie Munger (vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway) calls a lattice of mental models. I am sharing what I learn on my blog.
  • Rolling out a multi-year ServiceNow implementation, the end state of this project will be to support the ITSM operations of NYC’s Department of Social Services.
  • Using Code Academy to teach myself how to code for a few personal projects.
  • Obtain native fluency in Spanish.
  • Contribute to,, and
  • Participate in a NYC Spartan Race.
  • Write a manifesto and give it away for free.

As a result, my capacity for outside projects is extremely limited, so I’m forcing myself to focus, even when it’s difficult or involves passing on cool opportunities.

In my free time, I’m currently enjoying:

  • Drawing and sketching: I’m am not taking a formal course just teaching myself through various books and free videos.
  • Photography: I used to be a working photographer but I suddenly stopped making images on 2014, I miss it.
  • Juggling because Jim Kwik argues it helps build white matter in your brain.