Decision Makers is an interview series where I interview CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders. The purpose of this series is to get a better understanding of how these decision makers lead.


Interview with CEO of Modsy, Shanna Tellerman

When you are looking to decorate a room, do you get frustrated? Do you buy a piece of furniture because it seems incredible at the store, and then when it arrives at your house you hate it? Or worse you have no clue what piece of furniture would go in that space?

That is how Shanna Tellerman felt, “After hours and hours spent on Pinterest, websites, catalogues, and in stores our enthusiasm was drained. Bored, frustrated and not even close to finding the solution, we gave up and landed with a half decorated living room.”

Interview with CEO of EBTH, Andy Nielsen

Your house is full of stuff that you want to sell, but it’s difficult. CNBC writer Beth Corsentino explains, “Estate sales can be an adventure for buyers, but for homeowners, they can be time-consuming, awkward and emotional. Most people shudder at the idea of strangers traipsing through their home, touching everything and haggling over each item.”

If I were in your shoes, I would not want strangers walking through my home interrogating every item. What if there was a better strategy so that potential buyers could have access to your things without having to come to your house? Everything But the House (EBTH) might be your solution, CEO Andy Nielsen explains to Corsentino, “You call us when you are going through a downsize or loss of loved one situation, we send a team in, and we’ll coordinate junk removal, items that will be donated and then anything that’s left saleable we actually list to our platform.”

Interview with CEO of 2U, Chip Paucek

You still want to get that master’s degree in business, social work or healthcare but you have substantial responsibilities, such as a full-time job or a growing family, then sacrificing your limited time for the degree seems impossible. So what options do you have?

One possible option is online education. Understanding the difficulties that busy adults face Chip Paucek decided to help solve the dilemma by co-founding 2U. Paucek explains in The Morning Blend interview, “For the first time ever you don’t have to pick up your life, quit your job and move to attend a great school and really become the person you want to be.”