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What Makes You a Great Leader?

Against the backdrop of the horizon sometimes you lose sight of the Why. Regrettably, without a clear Why, it becomes difficult to navigate. Dr. John C. Maxwell notes, “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a Leader to chart the course.” Unfortunately, there are inherent difficulties in following the course, and when not corrected you run the risk of going off course. 

I have found the only solution is to question the journey consistently.

Questions are powerful tools. They can spark new ideas. They cause the (re)thinking of old ideas, but most importantly they excavate. They remove earth to find the buried answers. While the solutions can help you understand, they should also nurture new questions. The introspection will help you set the best course for the long journey ahead.

What Are They Saying

Ramon is a brilliant and insightful professional.
— Havi Goffan, President at Target Latino
He would take care of all the administrative details, ask for something from his people that was detailed and concise and in return leave us to solve all tasks.
— Robbie Holmes, Digital Services Expert from the USDS
Ramon has been one of my mentors and trusted advisors over the past few years and instrumental in the success of my photography workshops business.
— Robert Rodriguez Jr., Owner at Robert Rodriguez Jr Photography LLC.
I endorse Ray’s work, work-ethic, professionalism and drive without hesitation.
— Joel Fernandez, Cyber Security & Forensics SME

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