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What are your rules for success? These are the guidelines that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be; without them your success is in jeopardy.

Les Brown, an international motivational speaker, has ten rules that will help you live your life on purpose. While I think those rules are necessary I want to focus on the most important item:

Rule #1. You Must Believe in Yourself.

Do you feel that your conversations with others are pedestrian? Or perhaps the conversation originates with some exciting possibilities but then it quickly devolves into, “The weather has been crazy these last few days.”

Lately, I have been finding it difficult to maintain conversations of value with others. Yes, I am fully aware that not every conversation will develop into an intellectual orgasm, but my most recent conversations have left me feeling rather impotent.

Stop trying to be successful. It’s a selfish act that leaves you a slave to the circumstance.

Instead, deliver value. Solve interesting problems. Lead well. But most importantly endeavor to become so valuable that you are never at the mercy of someone else's decisions.