How To Master Your Anxiety

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, explains that your anxiety is the reason why you subscribe to an average life.

Do you agree? I do.

Why, because my anxiety kept me shackled while it fed me a steady diet of “I am not good enough. and over seasoned it with “Who do you think you are?”

So because I did not believe I had the potential, I took little action, and I gave birth to pathetic results. This shit became a self-fulling prophecy, and my life became nothing more than a psychedelic journey rooted in lottery dreams.

Robbins explains that the problem with living an average life is that you are thinking within the box. And because of your limited vision, you believe that you have no potential, so you take no action, so you get no results.

What if you thought outside the box or at the very least at the fringes of the box? What if you accepted without equivocation that you have the results you want? Then you would believe that you have the potential to take massive action.

Do you think that new mindset would help you move one step closer to your goal? Yes.

Try it. You can use strategies such as meditation, visualization or incantations. I rely on the ideal day exercise it’s a powerful tool that can reprogram you mind for success.

Living your life on purpose is hard but well worth the spoils of the journey. The alternative is you sitting in your comfortable chair at 90 years old looking back on your life with regret.

So the choice is yours. By the way… the choice has always been yours.