Who Are You?

Who are you?

That is the question that short circuits your nervous system. It leaves you bewildered and frantically searching for a coherent response. Sadly, your anxiety launches a coup d'é·tat, and you proclaim with a fabricated confidence...

  • I am a dad!
  • I am a husband!
  • I am a writer!
  • I am Puerto Rican!

While the labels are familiar, they are nothing more than partial responses, a safe retort to an otherwise perplexing question -- “Who are you?”

So who am I?

This question has less to do with the familiar labels, but more to do with my purpose; the reason for which I exist. For me, who am I, is a tapestry of affirmative propositions -- A steadfast curiosity for human capital, that fuels by my passion to create my envisioned future and gives birth to the unquenchable thirst to help others achieve their potential.

That is who I am.

So I ask again, “Who are you?” If you are still stumped then allow me to suggest this to you, “Be in wonderment. Be the exception that seeks out something more. Disconnect from your daily responsibilities so you can allow yourself to dream.”

That exploration lays the ground for a fertile environment where you to experiment with your curiosities. To discard those ideas that no longer hold your interests, until you are left with that one thing that effectively empowers you to say “No” to everything else.

Why is that important, because you have come to the understanding that it is impossible to have it all. Strategically, you can manage your anxiety, quiet the inner dialogue, so you can begin to believe in your potential to take action on that one thing so you can finally say, “That is who I am.”