Scared of Failing You

Are you scared to fail? Why?

I know that part of your self-limiting belief is your current narrative, “I am just not good enough.” But what is the other half of your story? Better question, “Who are you scared to fail in front of?”

I am scared of failing in front of you. The anxiety is crippling and imprisons me to operate, exclusively, within my comfort zone. Not only is my internal dialogue stuck on, “I am just not good enough.” but there is a chorus of, “Who do you think you are?” that I hear from you.

That mixture of words is the dream killer.

What’s the solution? Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, believes for you to overcome your fears, you need either inspiration or desperation. You either need to be inspired to overcome your fear of failure or desperate to overcome your self-fulfilling narrative.

Today, more than another time in human history, you have access to the tools that can help you build your envisioned future. You don’t need permission from others to start building. All you need is to give yourself the permission to fail and not allow that failure to crush the second chance.