What Would You Do? If Today Was The Last Day.

What if this was the last week of your life? What if today you knew, without equivocation, that you will die.

What would you do? Would you complain about your job? Or binge watch something on Netflix? Or lay in bed depressed because dying sucks?

What would I do? I would elevate my thinking and attack my last day from the position of an unquenchable thirst to create a narrative of no regrets.

So, I ask again, what would you do?

What curiosities would you satisfy? What passions would you pursue? What purpose would you hunt down? More importantly, what experiences will you not allow into your life because they add no value to your story?

Then do that. Do that now. Do it often without apology. Refuse the urge to do it tomorrow because there is no guarantee that tomorrow will arrive.