Keep Your Focus: Staying On Purpose Will Help You Progress

Keeping your focus on what matters most is difficult. At every turn there is another buzz, chime or ping battling for your limited attention. More times than not, you give into the social pressure and answer the emails, send another text message and yet again check your Twitter status.

And you wonder why you have little to no focus?

I don’t blame you. I don’t condemn you. I sympathize with you. I had to engaging with all the alerts that wanted my attention. Until my focus became so poor that I was useless. I was adding little to no value to most projects and that became unacceptable.

So I placed myself on a digital diet. I forced myself to create better habits. But more importantly I decided that I need a life mission to help guide my purpose. I adopted the system above from Brendon Burchard. I have been using his system with great success.

I suggest that you leverage Burchard’s system, it will give you the margin you need to keep your focus on what matters most.