Why Failure Is A Good Teacher

Failure is an important part of success. Why, because failure is normal and learning to see the loss as a source of opportunity is crucial.

Graham Stanton, president of Peloton Cycle explains, “If you aim high, failure to some extent is going to be unavoidable, and a total lack of failure only shows a lack of ambition. Failure is always an opportunity to learn from.”

Yes, I understand that you don’t want to fail. That failure, culturally, is seen as a sign of weakness but that popular belief is epically incorrect. I avoided any lack of success at all costs. Worse I would hide my losses and rarely did I take ownership.

My poor judgements cost me precious learning opportunities and I don’t want you to experience that type of loss. What I need is for you to fail with a mindset on growth, here are four steps to help you turn failure into an opportunity:

  1. Do a retrospective. Being able to perform an analysis on the how and why you failed is crucial.
  2. Accept failure as a given. Whenever you begin a project tell yourself “This might not work.” That statement will force you to view loss as a possibility for success.
  3. Take ownership. When you fail don’t blame someone else. If it’s your fault own up to it.
  4. Walk off the frustration. You make poor decisions when you are upset. This is the best time to take a break, walk off the frustration so you can tackle the issue with a clear head.

The next time you set a goal and do not achieve it run through these four steps. You must learn from your setbacks and make the necessary adjustments until you succeed.

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