The anti-Hustle Manifesto

Do you hear the subtle dialogue, “You have to hustle!” The whispers are consistent, worse the social pressure of keeping up with your hustle and your day to day is overwhelming. So you overcompensate by skipping meals, stealing hours from your sleep, and embezzling time from your family.

None of it works but you knew this to be obviously true. I know the pressures of the hustle and the fight to maintain the fabrication of a work life balance. Through trial and error, I have succumb to the understanding that work life balance is total bullshit; what you should be striving for is work life synergy.

Whitney English, a serial entrepreneur, wrote this anti-hustle manifesto:

  • I will sit down when I eat.
  • I will slowly ease myself off of caffeine, reserving coffee for social situations instead of everyday life.
  • I will schedule guilt-free nap time.
  • I will admit that I need rest.
  • I will admit that “busy” exhausts me.
  • I will not compare myself to people who seem to be able to scale Kilimanjaro in a single day.
  • I will thoughtfully define what DAILY success means to ME, and I will celebrate achieving it.
  • I will not berate myself for days that I don’t hit that success bar.
  • I will walk to the other room to communicate with my kids and spouse.
  • I will schedule date nights like they are business meetings.
  • I will schedule workouts and walks and will not berate myself if I only get to the gym a few times a month.
  • I will daily do my best, and accept that it is enough.

Here are a few of my own:

  • I will sleep 8.5 hours a day because I must.
  • I will meditate for at least 6 minutes everyday and forgive myself if I don’t.
  • I will do 10 minutes of Yoga three times a week and forgive myself if I don’t.
  • I will journal about gratitude everyday and forgive myself if I don’t.
  • I will drink at least 65 ounces of water each day, this is non-negotiable.
  • I will schedule sex like it's a business meeting.
  • I will schedule a financial date night like it's a board meeting.

This is a well laid anti-Manifesto plan but like any plan, it works best because it works for you. So steal what you want. Add what you want. Remove what does not make sense. The point is to define your synergy -- the give and take in your life. Because your hustle has to be at your pace and as long as you are creeping towards your goal who cares how the other guy is hustling.