4 Reasons You Need Metrics for a Life on Your Terms

What if you lived life on your terms?

What does that life look like?

Unfortunately, there is no one correct response because the metrics are different for everyone.

For me, it's being in the best shape of my life. For you, it might be being in a loving relationship. Or being financially independent. Or traveling the world with your best friend.

But what if you were like me and you had no clue about your metrics. What do you do then? Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins explains these questions will help you establish metrics:

  • What results are you committed to achieving?
  • What kind of person are you determined to becoming?
  • What standards of behavior will you represent?
  • What standards of behavior will you accept from those that are around you?

These questions are difficult to process and are intended to be consumed gradually. My hope is that by answering each question, you will develop a better WHY and you will be able to set a better course to living life on your terms.